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Did you know???

That speech is uttered normally at a rate of six syllables per second. If you consider that we produce 14 sounds per second, the difficulty of timing becomes apparent. Over 100 muscles must be instantly coordinated. To speak fluently for one minute, orders must be issued to speech musculature 10,000 to 15,000 times.

The next time you speak, think for a moment about the incredible series of actions that are occurring.

Academic performance is often affected by speech, language and/or hearing impairments. Students may have difficulty expressing themselves in complete sentences, following directions in the classroom, and/or pronouncing sounds correctly. A child's school success may also be influenced by hearing problems of a fluctuating or permanent nature. Good communication skills provide the foundation for positive social interaction impacting success at home and school.

Speech language services are provided in a variety of ways: consultation with parents and or teachers, direct intervention, and classroom programming.

Speech, language, fluency (stuttering) and voice disorders are assessed, diagnosed, and remediated. The speech/language pathologist also collaborates with teachers/parents and provides interventions prior to the referral process.

If you have any concerns about your child's speech, language or hearing please contact me.