Elementary Technology Specialist of the Year

Linda O'Connell was recently named Technology Specialist of the Year by the Lee County School District. Linda is thrilled to have won the honor, especially since she was nominated by one of her peers! Congratulations! Linda was recognized in a ceremony at a recent School Board Meeting. 

TOYTOY recognition

Every K-5 grade classroom at Edison Park has a teacher computer with an LCD projector with document camera and a student to computer ratio of 3:1 as well as a laser printer. Every K- 5th grade class is equipped with Dell computers. Classes are also equipped with an interactive whiteboard system called Smart and a classroom response system, Quizdom, which holds each child accountable for their answers. Every classroom has an audio system so everyone can be heard. There are digital cameras for every grade level and a networked color laser printer. Our technology lab has Dell computers. There is also a computer projection system and interactive white board. We also have 3 wireless labs available for classroom checkout.

The computer curriculum at Edison Park is based on the Florida Standards as well as the NETS standards. Technology is used as a tool and not a separate subject area. I work closely with the teachers to ensure our students are using the right technology for the task the teachers want them to accomplish. The technology class times are flexible and are also scheduled weekly. I meet with teachers to set goals for technology. Sometimes students will come several times in a week, and sometimes they come weekly. Below are the areas that all students will cover by the time they leave 5th grade, the Standards that are covered and how they are covered. Please feel free to stop in anytime and check out a class.

  • Hardware: identify parts such as monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, disk drives and proper care of disks, keyboards, mouse, cords
  • Design Graphics: with such programs as KidPix, Kidspiration and Paint
  • Word Processing including: Keyboarding, (proper posture, home row, beginning practice), developing documents, MS Word elements such as: (plain text, tool bars, formatting, insert pictures, insert word art)
  • Network Access: Saving to and retrieving from folders, connecting to servers- available servers/purpose, and connecting to laser and inkjet printers and understanding the purpose of each
  • Multimedia Presentations: Linear types and branching types
  • CD's: Interactive Storybook and informational
  • Spreadsheet: Purpose, MS Excel tools, Labeling, Graphing
  • Database: Purpose, Types: MS Excel
  • Peripherals such as: Scanners, Printers, Cameras, cd players
  • Troubleshooting: RATS principle, Teamwork
  • Web Page: Maneuvering and evaluating
  • Brochures using: MSWord and Publisher