Before and After School Program

The goal of the Edison Park Daycare Program is to meet childcare needs while providing a safe, instructional and fun-filled experience for children.


Before & After School Program is located in the cafeteria. Entrance is off Edison Ave. in the gated parking lot.

Hours of Operation:  

6:30—7:20 AM (each day school is in session)
2:20—6:00 PM (each day school is in session)
The LAST Day of the Before Care and Afterschool program is June 2nd, 2023. The before and aftercare program WILL be opened on ALL early dismissal days.
Drop off policy: Students attending may be dropped off and sign themselves in as long as their account is paid in full or they have payment with them.
Pick up policy: All parents/guardians MUST sign out their child. No child will be released without being signed out by an authorized person and may be asked for ID.
Late pick up policy: All students must be picked up at or by 6:00 pm otherwise you will incur a fee of $1.00 per each minute you are late. Continuous late pick up may result in the dismissal of your child from the program.


Students will have a 30 minute snack and social time when they arrive to ASP. We will provide a drink and a snack however, you are welcome to send an additional snack for your child if you want to. Please do not send soda or candy.


Annual Registration fee of $20 per family

Registration fee is paid one time and is for both the Before and/or After School Program.

To enroll your child must have a Payment Agreement Form signed by the parent/guardian on file before your child can attend the program.


There will be a one hour homework session Monday—Thursday immediately following snack time. All students must bring an AR book as there is required reading of 10-20 minutes each day. Paper and pencils will be supplied. Following homework time there will be recreational, enrichment, craft activities and recess time.


Any medications that your child needs to take during program hours must be registered with the After School Program Director. Please contact the staff for the proper authorizations forms for your student.

Bikers and Walkers:

A parent must submit a note to the After School Director before any student will be allowed to bike or walk home. In addition, the ASP program is not responsible for the child during the time that he/she is en route.

Registration and Fees: Debit & Credit Card Accepted!

$20.00 Registration Fee (per year, per family)
(This is a PRE PAID program and the “Payment Agreement” MUST be on file before your child can attend the program.)
- Morning Care: $5.00 per day (must be prepaid)
- Afternoon Care: $15 per day (per child) $10 per day (per additional sibling) (must be prepaid)
*Payment is due on the first day of attendance each week. School District Guidelines do not allow us to extend credit. Credit will be given to any days your child does not attend and will be rolled over until next attendance day. Parents are responsible for making payments on time. Failure to make a payment on time may result in your child being dismissed from the program.
Checks: Checks are accepted and must be made payable to Edison Park CEA. Include student’s first and last name on the check. Please do not include any other school fees with the ASP program payment. Returned checks are subject to a $20 service fee and may result in your child being dismissed from the program. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, all other payment must be in the form of cash or credit/debit card. Students will not be able to attend until all financial obligations have been met.

Payment Agreement Form

Please download and print out the application form and return it to Edison Park.