Music This Year

The music classroom is an exciting and active part of Edison Park Elementary School. All students learn with a "hands-on" approach that promotes creativity and appreciation of music in our world. The music curriculum is based upon the Florida Standards.

Standard 1: Skills and Techniques. Through singing, playing classroom instruments, and reading and writing music notation, students demonstrate skills and techniques through music performance.

Standard 2: Creation and Communication. Through improvising, composing and arranging, students demonstrate the ability to create music and communicate through music.

Standard 3: Cultural and Historical Connections. Students learn to understand music in relation to culture and history.

Standard 4: Aesthetics and Critical Analysis. Through listening, analyzing, describing and evaluating music and performances, students develop critical analysis and explain aesthetic issues and responses.

Standard 5: Applications to Life. Students will understand the relationship between music and other art forms and subjects. Students will also discover the uses of music beyond the school setting.