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March 1, 2021

Dear parents and guardians of EPCEA students,
During the month of February all of our students completed their iReady ELA and Math progress monitoring diagnostic assessments. Our students are making gains but have a lot of ground to make-up for lost math time from last year’s 4th quarter. You can help your child review basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division fact families for their grade level. The classroom teachers also have additional resources for families. Together we can help the children meet grade level expectations! Below are the Mid Year Data for ELA, Math and Science compared to the district:

Quick Snapshot of ELA:

Grade Level

District ELA

Edison Park ELA



51% (-9)

First Grade


53% (36.6)

Second Grade


51% (31.7)

Third Grade


50% (25.8)

Fourth Grade


55% (11.5)

Fifth Grade


58% (10)

Quick Snapshot of Math:

Grade Level

District Math

Edison Park Math



48% (6)

First Grade


22% (16)

Second Grade


24% (17%)

Third Grade


38% (31)

Fourth Grade


28% (17)

Fifth Grade


43% (24)

Quick Snapshot of Science:

Grade Level

District Science

Edison Park

Fifth Grade


60% (14)

Why should your child read every day? Here are 10 proven benefits:

1.Mental Stimulation

2.Stress Reduction


4.Vocabulary expansion

5.Memory Improvement

6.Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

7.Improved Focus and Concentration

8.Better Writing Skills


10.Free Entertainment

I look forward to continuing to work with students and their families!

Ms. Wipf


Sno Cone Day!
March 12th

  Fifth grade Language Arts students are writing explanatory/informational and opinion essays. They have learned 35 different Greek and Latin word roots to help with vocabulary and reading comprehension. They’re currently working on comparing and contrasting stories of the same literary genre (fables, mysteries, etc.) Coming up, they’ll be integrating information from several texts on the same topic.
In Math, 5th graders are immersed in fractions! For a large part of quarter three will be focused on multiplying and dividing fractions using multiple models and th standard algorithm. As always, knowing your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts is crucial! We will then move on to evaluating algebraic expressions, following the order of operations, as well as diving deep into measurement in both the customary and metric systems. Note to self: students should ALWAYS show work...on every problem!
Science students are finishing up the solar system and starting on the water cycle, weather, and climate. They continue to work on their big science fair project. Although our young scientists are learning each step of the process at school, actual implementation of the trials of their experiment is done at home. After Spring Break, students will bring in their completed data logs, and we will compile our data into graphs. See the Science Fair Experiment Calendar posted in Google Classroom Science.
In Social Studies, we’re learning about European explorers to the New World. Soon, we will delve into Colonial America.

March 12 Sno Cone Day!
March 15th—19th Spring Break
April 2 Good Friday (No School)
April 5 Easter Monday (No School)
April 16 Early Dismissal (End of Q3)

Additional Endorsements

The following certified teachers are in the process of adding an ESOL endorsement to their teaching certificate: P. Erickson, C. Henderson, G. Keller, B. Montella,K. Nustad, and L. Pennington, C. Stoneman,. In addition, the following are in the process of adding Professional Teaching Certificate to their teaching certificate: S. Jahn

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Dr. Gregory K. Adkins


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