Before and After School Program


Edison Park Daycare Program

Telephone 239-357-5858 (after 2:30 pm)

The goal of Edison Park After-school Program is to meet childcare needs while providing a safe, instructional, and fun-filled experience for children. Children must be registered prior to attending.

Hours of Operation

The last day of the Before and After-school Program is May 28, 2025. 

Before School Care will be available on early dismissal days; however, After School Care will NOT be available (Rate will be prorated).

Fees & Payments

Annual registration fee of $25 per child or $40 per family (2 or more siblings).

Before school care is a flat rate of $25 per week, per child (must be prepaid). 

After-school care is a flat rate of $50 per week, per child (must be prepaid). 

Students MUST be picked up prior to or at 6 pm. A $1 per minute per child late fee will be billed for students  picked up after closing. THREE LATE PICK-UPS WILL RESULT IN DISMISSAL FROM THE PROGRAM. 

The before and after-school program works on a pre-pay basis. At 2:20 pm, students will be signed into daycare and accrue after-school program charges. Students will NOT be dismissed from Aftercare BEFORE 2:45pm. 

Payment is due every Monday prior to attendance. The week must be prepaid for your child/children to attend. Children will not be accepted into the program with an unpaid balance. If your account becomes past due, you will be called to pick up your child. Unpaid balances are subject to collection and may prevent your child from participating in our extra curricular school activities.

The Florida Constitution Article VII, Section 10 Pledging Credit The State of Florida Constitution Article 17 does not allow a governmental agency to extend credit.

Applications for the before and after-school program can be picked up in the main office.