First Grade

Please e-mail or call if you need any more information or would like to schedule an appointment. We are glad to hear from parents and encourage parent involvement through classroom volunteering, chaperoning of field trips, and other school events. We are going to have a great year!

First grade is where all the magic happens with your child's reading, spelling and writing! We have learned all 70 phonograms! These phonograms are the tools we use each day when spelling, reading and writing! That is why they are so important to practice at home and at school EVERY day! We appreciate your support at home with reading with your child EACH night! The children are doing very well with Accelerated Reader! Be sure your child is ready to take a test each morning! The development of a LOVE FOR READING starts now and will last your child a lifetime!
Please feel free to contact us at school with any questions you may have! We are having a great year!

Please be sure that the library books are returned each day so they can check out new ones. 


Phonogram Page

Great to practice phonograms, it's just like the teacher. "I say, you say"

Reading Skills Program - Student Practice Activities

Frye's List of Words. Sight words to practice. This is super for practicing reading fluency and they even have sheets that you can print out for each list to practice, we have been sending these lists home with the highlighted ones that your child has not mastered yet.