Kerri Peters


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Dance Description

The dance program at Edison Park CEA is a curriculum-based approach to movement education. We believe that elementary aged children love to move and learn through engagement of the whole self. Children use dance as a means of communication and self-expression. In addition, children learn to value physical activity as a lifelong endeavor.

The dance curriculum is based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards:

Standard 1: Skills and Techniques. Through movement, creative expression and exploration, and vocabulary & physical development in classical ballet, jazz , and modern dance, students demonstrate skills and techniques through dance performance.

Standard 2: Creation and Communication. Through improvisation and choreography, students demonstrate the ability to create patterns and communicate through dance.

Standard 3: Cultural and Historical Connections. Students learn to understand dance in relation to culture and history.

Standard 4: Aesthetics and Critical Analysis. Through listening, analyzing, describing and evaluating dance and performances, students develop critical analysis and explain aesthetic issues and responses.

Standard 5: Applications to Life. Students will understand the relationship between dance and other art forms and subjects. Students will also discover the uses of dance beyond the school setting.