Lisa James

Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts School believes music education is an integral part of a complete education. It not only enhances the development of aesthetic and cultural understanding, but the intellect as well. Studies show that students involved in a good music program perform better in academic subjects.

Students enrolled in the Violin at Edison Park CEA School attend lessons in small and large group classes on the rotation schedule. Our program utilizes the Suzuki and traditional music teaching methods which focuses on developing an awareness of pitch, rhythm, and musicality. Students first learn to play by ear before beginning to read the language of music, much as we learn to speak before we learn to read.

All 1st and 2nd grade students participate in a Basic Music Literacy class with an emphasis on violin. This experience promotes awareness and appreciation for music. This helps students decide if they would like to continue in violin or another instrument by the time they reach the 3rd grade.

All violinists are responsible for setting their personal goals and achieving success through fun, challenging incentives throughout the year.